Exclusive virtual AIS SIGED Community|Workshop:
Unlock the Secrets to Success in CAIS-IS/IT Education 🌟

June 20, 2023 12:00 GMT (Live Online)

Get ready for an enlightening and interactive workshop hosted by the esteemed editorial team behind the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS)! With a focus on IS/IT Education, this event will bring together the Editor in Chief: Fred Niederman, and Associate Editors: Blooma John, Craig Van Slyke, Mary Granger, and Toon Abcouwer.

🚀 Prepare to Elevate Your Research with Expert Guidance 🚀

This workshop will cover a variety of essential topics, including

  • The guiding philosophy of CAIS and the scope of its Education Department
  • An insider’s look at the review process and the types of papers accepted for publication
  • Tips for making a lasting impact in the field of IS education

🎓 Learn How to Master the CAIS Submission Process 🎓

Our esteemed panel will offer step-by-step guidance to help you:

  • Craft and develop a compelling CAIS paper
  • Refine your manuscript for maximum scholarly impact
  • Implement feedback from editors and reviewers to elevate your work
  • Navigate the fast track from AIS SIGED’s ICISER conference to CAIS publication

📅 Don’t Miss Out on This Rare Opportunity 📅

Unlock the secrets to success in CAIS-IS/IT Education, and give your research the recognition it deserves. Mark your calendars and join our exceptional editorial team for an unforgettable AIS SIGED Community|Workshop experience!