The 2022 elections are completed. Below is the list of members of the board, .

Vasso Styllianou[email protected]President2023
Rosetta Romano[email protected]President-elect2023
Toon Abcouwer[email protected]Past president2023
Tania Prinsloo[email protected]Research Director2023 and 2024
Alexandre Grotta[email protected]Secretary2022 and 2023
Alan Megargel[email protected]Treasurer2022 and 2023
John Muraski[email protected]Membership Director2022 and 2023
Andrew Urbaczewski[email protected]Publication Director2023 and 2024
Helena Vallo Hult[email protected] Website director2022 and 2023
Blooma John[email protected]Board member2023 and 2024
Ivo Benke[email protected]Board member2023 and 2024
Tjomme Schilstra[email protected]Board member2023 and 2024